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Felis Britannica
U K  M e m b e r  o f   F I Fe

FELIS BRITANNICA is a non-profit making organisation representing a federation of cat clubs across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, all of whom wish to be part of the international association, Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). Formed in 2003, FB is the UK FIFe member, and offers the full range of FIFe services in the UK.

Our Clubs

Garden of England Cat Club
Club Secretary is Gem Chapman who can be contacted here 

Strictly Cats
Club Secretary is Tracy Baker who can be contacted here

The Viking Cat Club
Club Secretary is Sarah Johnson who can be contacted here


New Rules from 01.01.24

With the New year the FIFe rules are updated with the changes, as voted by all FIFe members at the 2023 AGA, which was held in Tavira

Below you can find a summary from FIFe of these updates for your ease.

FIFe 2024 Summary Rules Changes

If you have any questions please contact your membership club.

2024  National Winners Show

Congratulations to the Best in Category Cats at the Felis Britannica Annual Winners Show and New National Winners 

Overall Best in Show, Best in Category 3 & National Winner 2024

NW'24 Calia Cat's Cutie Pie (Burmese) - Andrew Nish & Julia Forbes-Nish


Best in Category 1 & National Winner 2024

NW'24 Ula-Hoop du Shah-inShah, JW (Exotic) - Sarah Johnson


Best in Category 2 & National Winner 2024

NW'24 Normystic Robin Hood (Norwegian Forest) - Sharon Armstrong-Taylor


Best in Category 4 & National Winner 2024

NW'19 NW'21  NW'24 SP Hemlock Only The Brave, DSM DSW (Oriental Shorthair) - Sam Brown

The New National Winners

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