Felis Britannica

Felis Britannica Clubs – Read this guide to understand more about the clubs within Felis Britannica and what they do.

Being a Felis Britannica Exhibitor – New to Felis Britannica? Read this guide to understand what happens on show day.

Show Etiquette – Learn about the do’s and dont’s at show

Understanding the Show Entry Form – Read this guide to understand about the show entry form and how to fill it in.

Guide to the FIFe Show Classes – This guide will explain all about the Felis Britannica classes and titles.

Want to Get More Involved? – Felis Britannica shows rely on volunteers to run smoothly.  Read this to understand how you can help.

Best in Show Stewarding – Interested in stewarding at Best in Show?  Read this guide to learn how.

FIFe Titles & Awards – This guide will explain all about the titles your cat can earn in their show career

FIFe EMS System – This guide will explain all about your cats EMS code and what it means


FIFe EMS Codes – The FIFe Easy Mind System (EMS) is a system used to identify cats by codes.

Breed Standards – Each cat has a breed standard written for the cat to be judged against.  The standards are listed here.