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1st October 2020

Announcement – Resignation Felis Britannica Vice President

The Executive Committee are very sad to announce the resignation, with immediate effect,
of Fran Williams as Vice President of Felis Britannica. Fran has had to come to the
decision to refocus her commitments due to other priorities in her life and she has
therefore decided to take a break from the demanding Felis Britannica work.
The Executive Committee are extremely sad to be losing Fran as one of the team, but
entirely understand where her priorities must be over the coming months and we are very
grateful to her for her years of loyal service and hard work.
We hope that the Clubs and their members will join us in extending our heartfelt thanks to
Fran for her contribution to Felis Britannica and FIFe over recent years and we wish her all
the best for the future.
With immediate effect our Deputy Vice President, Sarah Johnson, will be taking over the
role of Vice President until the next Felis Britannica AGA.