Showing with Felis Britannica

Felis Britannica shows are operated under the FIFe open doors policy, meaning that Felis Britannica (FB) welcome cats registered with any recognised registry, namely TICA, GCCF, CFA etc. Non-FIFe members entering an FB show agree to respect all FIFe Rules and Standards. Cats will be entered into the catalogue in accordance with FIFe breed definitions.

There is no need to register your cat with FB, if all you intend to do is attend FB shows, although some FB awards do require cat registration and/or membership of an FB club. Any title above CAC/CAP needs the cat to be registered and Titles validated, also only FB members may enter the Winners Show (FB’s equivalent to the GCCF Supreme) and only cats registered with FB and owned by an FB member may compete for the Annual Points Award winners.

In the past it was difficult for owners of GCCF registered cats to enter cats into shows organised by other organisations in the UK. This is no longer the case, subsequent to changes in GCCF rules in 2001. If you wish to bring your GCCF registered cat to an FB show, there are two simple GCCF rules that must be observed:

  • The GCCF Office require advance notice of any GCCF-registered cat being shown at a non-GCCF show (GCCF Rules – Section 4, rule 1b). This can take the form of a simple letter indicating which shows you intend to attend, and which cats are to be exhibited. This is a simple notification, not a request for permission, although the GCCF do currently (as of 21/9/05) acknowledge receipt.
  • If you own a GCCF registered cat, no cat from your household may attend/enter a GCCF licensed show if you are attending any other show/exhibition within the 13 days either side of the GCCF show. (GCCF Rules – Section 4, rule 3b).

Note – If you have questions about the above, FB are happy to provide guidance and advice, but clarification of GCCF rules should always be sought with the GCCF for ultimate interpretation.

At FIFe International shows organised by FB, most, if not all, of the judges will be International judges, and the majority of them will be from overseas. FIFe judges are qualified by category, and are therefore qualified to judge all the breeds listed in the categories for which they have completed their training and examinations.

Exhibits only qualify for, and can only be exhibited in, one of the classes (1 through 12, and 14), as determined in the classes description. There is no choice in this class – it is based upon the exhibit’s current age and/ or title, and they can only ever qualify for one. Class 13a and 13b are special classes, for assessment of experimental breeds, or cats without papers, and should only be selected if so instructed by the FB Breeding, Health & Welfare Commission. Any other classes offered by the club are optional, and the exhibit may be entered in as many of these at the exhibitor wishes. Which judge will judge which classes is not known to the exhibitor until after entries have closed, and usually not until the day of the show.

When completing the show entry form, please provide as much information as possible. If you are unfamiliar with FIFe EMS codes, then please feel free to enter a GCCF breed code as an alternative. Please also complete the Breed & Colour description in full – this may help the entry clerk to identify the correct FIFe EMS code.

Only FIFe titles may be shown for the cat being exhibited, although parents may have titles from other registries shown in the catalogue. Please clearly state which registry validated a title for a parent, for example if the sire is a Governing Council Grand Champion, please write GCCF GC.

The registration number may be one issued by any recognised registry e.g. FB, other FIFe registries, the GCCF, etc. It is usually located on the cat’s pedigree certificate. If in doubt, contact the show manager.

If you do not have a membership number (individuals are not members of the GCCF for example, and therefore are not issued with membership numbers), then please write N/A and enter the club your cat is registered with e.g. GCCF. For FB, enter the name of the club in which you are a ‘full’ member, and your membership number of that club.

Please provide as much contact information as possible – this will make it easier for us to contact you should we have any queries regarding your entry.

The following guides in the Library will help you:

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  • Understanding the Show Entry Form – Read this guide to understand about the show entry form and how to fill it in
  • Guide to FIFe Classes – This guide will explain all about the Felis Britannica classes.
  • FIFe Titles & Awards – This guide will explain all about the titles your cat can earn in their show career
  • FIFe EMS System -This guide will explain all about your cats EMS code and what it means