The objectives of Felis Britannica, and its member clubs, are:

  • To continually work to improve the status of the cat in society
  • To establish good relationships and maintain good links with relevant government ministries, the media, veterinary institutions and animal welfare agencies
  • To actively work against any unsatisfactory mismanagement related to keeping cats
  • To keep a common registration database for associated clubs
  • To oversee the management and organisation of cat shows in the UK in accordance with the relevant FIFe show rules, and to publish rules relating to national show organisation.
  • To work towards a progressive, healthy, cat friendly breeding programme, in line with the FIFe standard, for each breed.
  • Not to participate in the breeding of cats where the offspring would not be entitled to registration.
  • To represent the UK cat fancy internationally
  • To unite and co-ordinate all Member Clubs for the betterment of the UK cat fancy as a whole, independently of each individual club in order to achieve recognition in the international cat fancy.
  • To promote the benefits of identity chipping for all cats.

Individuals do not join Felis Britannica directly – the clubs are members of the Federation. By joining and belonging to one of the federated full member clubs you are a member of FELIS BRITANNICA and also a FIFe member’s member.

Registrations are submitted via full member clubs, who will check the submission before passing it onto Felis Britannica. The federated clubs also handle validations, and organise shows.

Felis Britannica is the central registry, and will authorise licenses for all services – it is the umbrella organisation representing all its federated clubs to the FIFe, both on an ongoing basis and at the FIFe General Assembly.

Each club will represent its individual members and decisions within the federation will only be taken after a democratic ballot of the federated clubs. The Executive Committee manages Felis Britannica business on a day-to-day basis
and is elected by the clubs and will be accountable to those clubs (and through them to the individual members).

FELIS BRITANNICA clubs run shows under the FIFe open doors policy (FIFe Show Rules, Annex 2). This means that you do NOT have to be a FIFe member in order to exhibit at a club show provided your cats are registered with a reputable registering organisation e.g. all cats previously registered with the CFA will be immediately eligible to enter a Felis Britannica club show without re-registering.