There are two types of club membership with Felis Britannica:

Full Member Clubs will be the clubs that people will have to join in order to register/validate their pedigrees. Only Full Member clubs have a delegate at the Felis Britannica General Assembly, and therefore get to vote on Federation matters.

Affiliate Member Clubs gain the right to claim to be part of Felis Britannica, use the logo, are promoted by FB but do not participate directly in federation business.

An individual member may be a full member in one (1), and only one (1), Full Member Club ensuring that they have only one vote in federation matters and they must declare which club they are a full member in.

Individual members may be associate members in as many clubs (full or affiliate) as they wish.

Individual associate members in all clubs will have voting rights on their own club’s internal matters, but may not participate in votes relating to federation business.

The following clubs have decided which tier they wish to belong to and the registration service they are happy with providing to their members at this time.

Club Name Club Logo Membership Type Processing Registrations
Garden Of England Full Membership Yes
Viking Cat Club Full Membership Yes
Strictly Cats Probationary Membership Yes