Breeding, Health & Welfare

The Breeding, Health & Welfare Commission of Felis Britannica (FB) is responsible for all health, welfare and breeding issues and is a source of information and advice for the FB Executive Committee, cat breeders, show exhibitors and pet owners.

Applications for new breeds and new varieties or welfare and breeding queries must be submitted to this Commission via the FB General Secretary.

Breeding Health & Welfare Commission Rules

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Pedigree Kitten Buying Guide

17th February 2021 Announcement – Breeders not registered with Felis Britannica

Felis Britannica have been made aware of advertisers using popular pet sales websites who claim to have pedigrees from us or, more generally, from FIFe but who are not our UK members.

Buyers are encouraged to do their due diligence into the bone fides of such a statement – whether the cat is stated to have a pedigree with Felis Britannica, FIFe or any registration body – and make enquiries to ensure that they are satisfied that this is correct.

We encourage any potential buyer to seek the confirmation of any Felis Britannica (FB) registration by contacting us for confirmation that the seller is a member. Our pedigrees are ONLY issued to our members.

Our pedigrees also carry a unique embossed seal which prove their authenticity.