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Langford Vets Newsletters 2018 (Posted September 2018)

The latest copies of the newsletters from Langford Vets have been linked to:

Spring 2018 – In this edition Langford discuss new genetic tests for three coat type/pattern ; Devon Rex curly coat, Sphynx hairless coat and Birman white gloves. They also discuss Ragdoll cats and the Cinnamon coat colour mutation.

Summer 2018 – In this edition of the newsletter Langford look at genetic inheritance, covering the ways different mutations are inherited and how this affects disease expression. They also discuss two new genetic tests relevant to breeders of Korat and Siamese cats.

Letter to Members (Posted January 2018)

All members should have received a letter via their club from the Felis Britannica Exec Committee highlighting the current issue regarding members holding functionary roles in non-FIFe organisations. A copy of the letter can also be found here.

Winners Show 2018 (Posted January 2018)

All members should have received a letter from the Felis Britannica President via their clubs with regards to the 2018 Winners Show.  A copy of the letter can be found here.

Felis Britannica AGA Notice (Posted January 2018)

All members should have received a letter via their clubs to notify them that the Felis Britannica AGA will take place on 24th February 2018.  A copy of the letter can be found here.

Two World Winners for Team GB!! (Posted October 2017)

Team GB has recently returned from the World Show in Rijswijk, The Netherlands (28th & 29th October) and with them they brought home not one but two World Winners!   Huge congratulations to Teit Neiijendam and Nicki Fenwick-Raven for their amazing success!

Category 1 – Neuter Male – WW’17 Cullykhan Nemesis (PER n 02 21 62) owned by Teit Neiijendam

Category 3 – Neuter Male – WW’17 PR Amisti Pumbaa (KBL ds 03 22) owned by Nicki Fenwick-Raven

2018 Felis Britannica Calendar (Posted September 2017)

Show dates for the clubs who have submitted, and had licenses approved, have now been listed.  Check out the Felis Britannica Calendar for details.  Also listed in the calendar are some of the additional key events aside from shows for Felis Britannica such as the  the AGM and the Awards Dinner.  Keep checking back for more details.

Langford Vets Summer Newsletter (Posted August 2017)

The latest newsletter from Langford vets can be accessed here

BBQ Fundraiser A Success! (Posted August 2017)

The BBQ fundraiser at Roy & Kavita’s was a great day out.  Lots of people turned out to support the cause and a great day was had by all.   Thank you so much to Roy & Kavita for hosting the event and opening their home up.

Felis Britannica & VanTICA Joint Show – Ware 2017 (Posted June 2017)

The first joint Felis Britannica and VanTICA show on June 3rd & 4th was a resounding success!  It was a very busy weekend for the Judges, show teams, exhibitors and cats alike.  Overall the feedback has been very positive and plans are underway for 2018 already!
Congratulations and thank you to both show teams for a fabulous weekend!

Felis Britannica Provisional Standings (Posted May 2017)

The Standings are now available and cover the following shows: FB Winners Show, SCA February Shows, VCC March Shows and the GOE May Shows.  These are provisional and are subject to change.  For details on how the points were calculated please refer to the Awards page.

Provisional Standings – May 2017