FELIS BRITANNICA is a non-profit making organisation representing a federation of cat clubs across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, all of whom wish to be part of the international association, Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). Formed in 2003, FB is the UK FIFe member, and offers the full range of FIFe services in the UK.

What’s New

2017 Points Awards

The 2017 Points Awards have been released.  Huge Congratulations to the Winners!


Club Contacts

Viking Cat Club: www.vikingcatclub.com  – Club Secretary is Liz Ward who can be contacted via Secretary@vikingcatclub.com.

Garden of England Cat Club: www.goecatclub.co.uk – Club Secretary is Gem Chapman who can be contacted via    secretary@goecatclub.co.uk.


Show Schedules for 2019

Visit the FB calendar and Results Page to download the schedules for shows in 2019. 


Langford Vets Newsletters 2018

The latest copies of the newsletters from Langford Vets have been linked to:

Spring 2018 – In this edition Langford discuss new genetic tests for three coat type/pattern ; Devon Rex curly coat, Sphynx hairless coat and Birman white gloves. They also discuss Ragdoll cats and the Cinnamon coat colour mutation.

Summer 2018 – In this edition of the newsletter Langford look at genetic inheritance, covering the ways different mutations are inherited and how this affects disease expression. They also discuss two new genetic tests relevant to breeders of Korat and Siamese cats.