FELIS BRITANNICA is a non-profit making organisation representing a federation of cat clubs across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, all of whom wish to be part of the international association, Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). Formed in 2003, FB is the UK FIFe member, and offers the full range of FIFe services in the UK.

What’s New

2021 Felis Britannica National Winners Show is now Closed

The National winners show is now closed for entries, we look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday 3rd October.

As a thank you to all Felis Britannica’s club members for their support of our member club, entry is £20 per cat in a double pen. Additional cats sharing the double pen (up to 3 in a double pen) are £5 each.

Come join us to celebrate getting back to shows.

27th February 2021 Reminder

Dear breeders!

You are reminded that, in accordance with the FIFe rules, all kittens born must be registered in Felis Britannica.

The registration must take place before the kittens are registered with any other organisation.

If a cattery is found in which kittens have not received registration in Felis Britannica, and a pedigree issued; or if the kittens have been registered elsewhere, prior to registration with Felis Britannica, the registered owner of cattery concerned will face disciplinary proceeding.

This may result in cancellation of the cattery name with FIFe and the cancellation of your membership.


17th February 2021 Announcement – Breeders not registered with Felis Britannica

Felis Britannica have been made aware of advertisers using popular pet sales websites who claim to have pedigrees from us or, more generally, from FIFe but who are not our UK members.

Buyers are encouraged to do their due diligence into the bone fides of such a statement – whether the cat is stated to have a pedigree with Felis Britannica, FIFe or any registration body – and make enquiries to ensure that they are satisfied that this is correct.

We encourage any potential buyer to seek the confirmation of any Felis Britannica (FB) registration by contacting us for confirmation that the seller is a member. Our pedigrees are ONLY issued to our members.

Our pedigrees also carry a unique embossed seal which prove their authenticity.

17th February 2021 Announcement – Felis Britannica AGA Postponement

25th November 2020 Announcement – Felis Britannica General Secretary

The Felis Britannica General Secretary, Wendy Chapman recently approached the
Executive Committee as she has been finding the administrative side of the role more
challenging over the last 12 months for a variety of reasons.
In order to retain the experience Wendy brings to the role from her seven years on the
Executive Committee, after discussing the options, we came to the decision that the best
solution was for the Deputy General Secretary to move into the General Secretary position
and vice versa. This allows the Deputy General Secretary to take over the requirements of
the General Secretary role with the support and guidance of an individual experienced in
the wide range of requirements this role entails.
Our Deputy General Secretary, Gemma Chapman will therefore be taking over the role of
General Secretary from the 1st December 2020, until the next Felis Britannica AGM. There
will be no change in the email and telephone contact details for the General Secretary.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind our members that any communication with
the General Secretary should of course go through your club secretary.

NW’19 GIC Tingoskattens Puma, JW
Overall Best Cat 2019


Announcement FiFE Rule 5.1.1

Members, you may be aware that Felis Britannica approached the FIFe Board for clarification of FIFe Breeding and Registration Rule 5.1.1. Clarification has now been received and further details can be found here.

Club Contacts

Viking Cat Club: www.vikingcatclub.com – Club Secretary is Sarah Johnson who can be contacted via secretary@vikingcatclub.com / vcc.gen.sec@gmail.com

Garden of England Cat Club: www.goecatclub.co.ukActing Club Secretary is  Gem Chapman who can be contacted via goesecretary@gmail.com.

Strictly Cats: www.strictlycats.org – Club Secretary is Kavita Vincent who can be contacted via infostrictlycats@gmail.com

Show Schedules for 2021

Visit the FB calendar and Results Page shows in 2021, which will be update shortly.

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